Why Hire Mobile Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists

Your wedding day is just around the corner. You’ve found the perfect dress, jewellery and even a photographer. But how about the mobile wedding hair and makeup artists?  If you are not thinking of hiring them, you may want to reconsider as you don’t want to miss the perks they can give:

Look Your Best

Makeup artists can highlight your best facial features. They can make your eyes pop and your lips plumper. The best thing? They can hide your blemishes and scars in your face. Instead of relying on your own skills, why not let them do the task to look the most beautiful bride to walk the aisle.

Best Products

Makeup Product

You don’t want to suffer from a skin irritation on your wedding day. Instead of hiring amateurs, hire professional makeup artists to prevent this from happening. Experts invest in the latest and safest products, so you won’t get any blemishes on your nuptials.


These professionals will ensure that your look will stay the whole day. They can reapply specific products to make you fresh and glowing. With their services, you’ll appear beautiful from the start of the program until the after party.

Different Styles

The makeup for your wedding day is a lot different than your everyday look. The professional artist will use special techniques to make you appear gorgeous on photographs. The expert will ensure that your lipstick and mascara won’t smudge off even if you eat foods or shed a tear at your nuptials. They know that there are many people who will congratulate you and kiss your cheeks, so the experts will use special products.

Look best on your nuptial day. It’s a special event so better hire Bunny and Bohe. Their artists can make you beautiful and confident in your own skin. To learn more about their packages, visit their website today.

Fun Ideas to Try with Your Wedding Photographer

To make your special day more memorable, hiring a professional wedding photographer is your best bet. Besides giving you excellent direction and high-quality photos, these specialists also know how to spice up your day. Below are some fun trends and ideas you can try with these experts:

Creative Use of Negative Space

One of the most popular and loved ideas in the industry is making use of negative space. These are perfect for themed events. By using a wide lens and capturing the frame from a distance, photographers can let the negative space draw attention to the subject. As a result, the couple and those in the frame will really stand out. However, for these type of shots, it’s best to keep the overall composition simple so that the focus will be on the subjects.

Capturing the Bride and Her Party Before the Event

Another fun and crazy idea are capturing the bride before the event. Since she usually gets ready with her bridal party, why not include them as well, right?

One way photographers can do this is by capturing behind-the-scenes. These include moments upon waking up, whilst the girls are on the makeup chair or simply just chatting with one another. This is some great memorabilia to give the bride as well, especially when she can look back on the support and help her friends have given her.

Voyeuristic Approach

Contrary to what one might think, a voyeuristic approach is a popular concept to do. No, this is not about the photographer looking in on some sensual moment. In fact, this technique urges professionals to hide and tuck their lenses into natural surroundings. This way, they capture the intimacy of the couple being together without feeling like an intruder on their special moment.

To work with an exceptional wedding photographer, contact Elias Pap Photography. They have a team of professionals who have a special eye, allowing them to capture your big day with a new perspective.