Top 5 Occasions Where Event Photography is Indispensable

Event photography went from just documenting a special moment or occasion into something bigger. Event photographers are usually paid with a huge sum of money to capture snapshots of various occasions such as:


Wedding Kiss Kiss Marry Wedding Photographer Love

Weddings are once in a lifetime moment for couples. From the pre-nuptial to the actual wedding day, they need photographers who can make these moments timeless. Most couples hire also hire their services during the engagement day as well as the actual wedding ceremony and reception to immortalise them through images.


Birthdays are always memorable, especially for kids. For parents, their children’s first birthday is always grandiose. The cake will always be colourful as well as the decorations – from the confetti, invitations, decors and tableware.  They want the whole experience to become memorable since they want to keep track of their kids’ growth with photos so that they can relish by the time their children turned into adults.



Anniversaries, be it wedding, relationship or even corporate are ways to mark a very important date. For celebrants, they are yearly milestones that should be cherished. Anniversaries are also a way for people to reflect on the past years as well as look forward to the future. With photos, the celebrants can track the growth and development of their relationship or company.

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Family Gatherings

Some people don’t get to see their long-distance relatives that much. Hence, family gatherings and reunions are looked forward to. It’s a time to reconnect and bond with their cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents, nieces and nephews. For others it’s a tradition that’s done a couple times in a year since this way everyone is introduced, and photography is one way to remember who’s who.



Any kind of social gathering always needs documentation, and that heavily applies to parties. Everyone who’s not able to attend or weren’t invited will always know what took place in the affair. During parties, photographers usually take photos of every guest, so the host would know who’s present and who’s not. It’s also a way to show how the attendees are relevant to the host.