Fun Ideas to Try with Your Wedding Photographer

July 12, 2018

To make your special day more memorable, hiring a professional wedding photographer is your best bet. Besides giving you excellent direction and high-quality photos, these specialists also know how to spice up your day. Below are some fun trends and ideas you can try with these experts:

Creative Use of Negative Space

One of the most popular and loved ideas in the industry is making use of negative space. These are perfect for themed events. By using a wide lens and capturing the frame from a distance, photographers can let the negative space draw attention to the subject. As a result, the couple and those in the frame will really stand out. However, for these type of shots, it’s best to keep the overall composition simple so that the focus will be on the subjects.

Capturing the Bride and Her Party Before the Event

Another fun and crazy idea are capturing the bride before the event. Since she usually gets ready with her bridal party, why not include them as well, right?

One way photographers can do this is by capturing behind-the-scenes. These include moments upon waking up, whilst the girls are on the makeup chair or simply just chatting with one another. This is some great memorabilia to give the bride as well, especially when she can look back on the support and help her friends have given her.

Voyeuristic Approach

Contrary to what one might think, a voyeuristic approach is a popular concept to do. No, this is not about the photographer looking in on some sensual moment. In fact, this technique urges professionals to hide and tuck their lenses into natural surroundings. This way, they capture the intimacy of the couple being together without feeling like an intruder on their special moment.

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