Photography Services: Creative Trends to Try Today

This year expect to see more creative trends to rise together with various photography services. Of course, you can expect to work with different minds willing to go outside the box. Because of this, you might want to know more about the following styles. This way, you can get a feel for these for your next company or brand photoshoot:

Greater Authenticity

With fake news and social media images blasting in full view, it’s no wonder people are demanding for greater authenticity in photos. In fact, these individuals are moving from posed model shots towards nostalgic and dated looks. It seems that in order to make a genuine connection with the masses and the customers, brands need to incorporate realistic settings and identifiable people. This way, they can build a real and lasting relationship with their intended audience.

Inclusivity and Diversity

This year is all about addressing social issues, one photograph at a time. What better way to address immigration issues than channelling inclusivity and diversity, right? Not only do you offer a picture allowing these people to be united despite their colour, race, size, weight and beliefs, you can also change minds with your pictures. With this approach, you can help effect change.

Neon is Back

Childish Gambino

Have you ever seen Childish Gambino’s cover for his album, “Awaken, My Love?” If you haven’t, this might be a good reference for this trend. Since then, many people are following in his footsteps by incorporating neon light designs. In fact, you can think of this as a homage to the 20s, where all things neon reign supreme. To channel this look, consider opting for a minimalist look so your subject can truly shine.

Second Renaissance

Contemplative images are all the rage these days. These evoke a strong sense of inspiration from audiences who can view these types of photos and expressions. Inspired by classic paintings from the Renaissance period, expect to see this trend recreating iconic pieces of art whilst breaking stereotypes. This is usually prevalent in weightlifting images of women and other similar concepts as they help break barriers.

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