Photography and Videography Services: Why Get Them?

Corporate photography and videography services used to be reserved for big businesses. In the past, people would have to spend millions of dollars on conceptualisation and production. Then, a few more millions were spent on buying airtime or pages in magazines. Because it was a very expensive venture, small to medium businesses had to rely on smaller forms of advertising.

Camera The advent of digital technology has made production easier and less expensive. Nowadays, you can produce marketing photographs and videos at a fraction of traditional costs. This has since opened new opportunities for advertising and marketing to businesses who can’t afford to pay millions. This has helped thousands of businesses increase their revenue and grow their brand.

Personalised photos for every business.

According to statistics, the average consumer prefers websites with personalised photos over those who use stocks. This isn’t surprising. Trends have been moving towards creating a personal connection between consumers and small brands. Stock photos don’t exactly create a sense of uniqueness, nor does it show the personality of your business.

Personalised photos are used to create brand awareness, and to introduce your business to the target market. It familiarises your business to your consumers. Other business owners use these to showcase their products and services in the best light. Professional photographs can make even the dirtiest job look luxurious.

Video marketing can help your bottom line.

Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your business online. On a daily basis, consumers watch over 500 million hours of footage on YouTube alone – this doesn’t even include other social media websites! It should come as no surprise that most marketers – over 87% – consider videos as the most effective marketing tool on the Internet.

You can use videos to advertise your products or services. Informational clips, how-tos or demonstrations can increase audience’s interest and awareness about your brand. Combined with the right digital marketing strategy, you can effectively increase your sales. Considering 64% of people will buy products and services after watching well-executed videos, this isn’t far off.


Those who want to improve their online presence will find videos useful as well. Statistics show that websites see a dramatic increase – up to 157% – in organic traffic once they’ve been mentioned in a clip.  Furthermore, websites that utilise videos on their landing pages will get 80% more conversions than those who don’t.

The numbers don’t lie. These services are essential for every business. Your one-time investment can help your business grow exponentially. It does more than generate income – it helps you build your brand. If you’re still not convinced, think of it this way: if you’re not taking advantage of these benefits, your competitors sure are.

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